This page is to spread awareness for  people who suffer from all form of Autism. Also the parents who need help with spreading awareness & acceptance.   Give advice news,quotes, articles etc.  My mate suffer from Aspergers ,so I thought I would be his voice since any type of communication with the public is too much for him.  I written a book dedicated to him & those who are on the autism spectrum. It is called “Emily Discovers Psychology” The book is available on Amazon Kindle & Barnes & Noble nook for $6.99. Emily Discovers Psychology opens up with Emily who sees a commercial on TV about bullying, and how kids like herself can prevent it. She becomes interested in the subject, and eager to learn more about it. After getting advice from parents Emily finds out that one her classmates named Mitchell is a victim of bullying using her parents advice she becomes friends with Mitchell, but is puzzled as to why he is being picked on by his classmates . Emily began her quest for answers, and discover the career of psychology.

English: A "puzzle" ribbon to promot...

English: A “puzzle” ribbon to promote Autism and Aspergers Awareness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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